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Monday, August 04, 2008

Last night my good friend Jennifer with Ograce Photography and I went to a photography seminar hosted by David Jay and Jasmine Star. Two photographers who I've looked up to in this industry. Both are really inspirational and I just enjoy going to seminars.

There may be a few things I've heard before but I always get at least 1 thing from each seminar and that alone is worth expanding my education, knowledge and motivation to continue to push myself harder and more creatively.

David Jay spoke a lot about making choices to have Freedom. Photographers usually are spending way too much time behind computers editing, learning the next software and we really lose track of what's really important in life. We need to ease up our work flow to still produce great images but just to do it in a faster way. The extra time we aren't editing we need to be out learning, marketing, creative new options for you the client.

Editing is one of those things that we all really hate to do and it's a must and really it takes up all your time. I'm guilty of spending about 20 hours or so on each wedding afterwards. David Jay helped us to see we could spend about 2 hours getting the same effect. So I was all for his way and I'm looking to try it for my next set of edits. It's kind of like- which option do you choose- 20 hours or 2 hours?-um duh!

Jasmine Star spoke about how important your branding, logo, website and how you reflect yourself on each of these. It's something I've been working on for awhile and I really hope my personality shows through this blog and through my pictures. I hope that each time I take a picture it reflects me and everything I have based my company and myself around.

All in all it was a wonderful seminar and I did learn a lot. These two photographers are truly giving and so generous to lend a hand out to help us all.

I got home pretty late last night so I'm still trying to get my body and brain up and running. With kids at home I'm never usually out on a Sunday night that late and if I wasn't turning 30 this year I probably would "let lose in the city." But since I'm officially old now
(whine whine) and my kids will wake me up at the crack of dawn because they love me that much, I called it a night and drove home, sang as loud as I could in the car so I could keep myself from falling asleep at the wheel, dragged myself upstairs, brushed my teeth and hit the pillow. I looked at my clock and it was only 11:27pm- pretty sad huh? I swear it felt like 4:00 am.


O Grace Photography said...

Always fun hanging out with you! You are there...the kids get much easier once they can put on their own underwear and make their lunch...promise it is just around the corner!

ericamay said...

I'm headed to the Kansas City Free to Succeed event! Thanks for the good review of the I'm even more excited! :)

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