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Conversations with Reagan

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well I didn't think I'd have another one of these to post so soon but this kid surprises me everyday. We've been going to church a lot more lately. Since we are so close to Christmas, Sunday morning's services is obviously involving Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus on Christmas. To remind us all that Christmas is really about Jesus' birth and not all about gifts and Santa.

I've been trying to teach Reagan about them and help her understand who Jesus, Mary and Joseph are.

Yesterday afternoon we were baking our annual homemade cookies and Reagan's mind set was on Christmas (again)- Of course it is, she knows we have just a few more days until she can FINALLY open her presents.

Reagan: "Which number days until Christmas?

Me: "Well let's go count." (we pull out the calendar and count 11 days left.)

Reagan (singing): "Yeah, 11 days til Christmas, da da da......"

Me: "You know Reagan, Jesus was born on Christmas Day, that is REALLY why Christmas Day is so important. We need to remember to celebrate his birth."

Reagan: (She paused, eyes lit up and yelled) " WE GET TO GO TO HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY?!!!!!!!!!"

I still don't really think she gets who Jesus really is yet but we're working on it! :) She must think he is a kid at school or a friend of the family. I just love their innocence.

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