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Riverbend Prep + Home Depot + Kaboom + Kurt Warner = Success!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

So Tuesday I really did have the honor of volunteering my services to take pictures at Riverbend Prep. Kaboom!, Home Depot , the NFL and Riverbend Prep all teamed up to volunteer and build them a playground. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal but everyone was a trooper and I was so amazed at how many volunteers showed up on their day off to build something wonderful for these students.
Most of you men out there are going to love this post because yes I was feet away from Kurt Warner. He was pretty amazing as well. He showed up in the rain, (no ball cap) and did everything they told him to do. He mixed cement, he helped build a rock wall, he helped transport some mulch, then went in to sign autographs for a line of fans, took a ton of pictures, did interviews, and cut the board at the closing ceremonies. All of course in the rain.
The whole day was totally awesome- Even without the sun!
Here are some pics from the day- there is a lot. :)

Each team lead had a very unusual outfit on.... :)

The lot they were building on....

Some kids came out for the opening ceremonies

This was the district manager for Home Depot- he definitely got in and got his feet wet- amazing!

Starting to rain harder after lunch

The poor smiley face is being washed away.-Boo hoo!

Even the balloons couldn't take the rain anymore

The kids came out in groups through out the day to see the progress and they were soooo excited

A sweet note for all the workers to see

Almost done!

Mr. Kurt Warner himself!

The cutting of the board- no fancy schmancy ribbons in the Home Depot world

Thank you to everyone who volunteered! What an awesome experience!

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Photography By Jo said...

wow, These pictures are great! What a fun day!