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6 years after "I do"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's amazing to me that I've been married already six years to Michael. We sure have experienced a lot. Two kids, 3 homes, 3 cities, and three, well now four pets. It's been a wonderful 6 years and I'm looking forward to many many more years I can grow old with him.
I knew I was going to marry Michael on our first date about 7 and a half years ago and have never been disappointed.
We actually spent this anniversary with the kiddos. We went to church this morning, took them to a picnic at The Farm and then went to the movies. We saw a Monsters Vs Aliens. I know it's not a romantic movie but that is where our lives are now and that is when we are most happy. :)

Thank you Michael for being my best friend, my secret keeper, the person I vent to, the one who rubs my legs when I can barely walk, the one who will wash the dishes when I just don't feel like it and the one who still surprises me with little gifts.

Thanks to Reagan for taking another great photo. I really wish I could post some pics of our wedding day but it was so long ago they are all on film and I've just been too lazy to scan them.
There might be a few more grey hair, a few extra pounds but for the most part it's us.


O Grace Photography said...

You guys look great! Congrats sounds like a perfect day")

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary !!! Wishing you a wonderful day....