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Easter Fun for two little boys

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hunter and my cousin Trenten, the two littlest of our family were invited to an Easter Party this morning. They had a little petting zoo and lots of crafts for the little ones. The boys colored Easter Eggs, planted seeds, played with the animals, had a grand 'ole time for not having their big sisters (Cadyn and Reagan there).

They had a blast at the bubble station

And made some cute crafts

Planted some seeds

Held little chicks

Gave them kisses too

There was goats, bunnies, ducks and chicks

I couldn't stop giggling at this duck- he looks like he's wearing a toupee

They loved this roller coaster

This is Hunter telling me to stop taking pictures

And then he got mad at a little girl who pushed him, Oh Hunter, just wait til you get older.

What do two big sister divas do while their little brothers are away?
A bubble bath of course


Maria Nissen said...

I love the squeeze on the little chick and duck...especially the duck...and I agree on the duck with the toupe'...hilarious. Fun pictures, Mandy. I think we now have two friends in common...Jo and Jennifer. Nice job on her family pictures, BTW.

Chad Banning said...

Love the baby duck shot!! Sooo cute.