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Happy Birthday Grandma Linda!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My mom's .... uh,..... um...... 29th birthday was last week! Yeah that's it. Not sure how she is younger than me.... ??? But we decided to get together for a birthday/Easter fun day!
We started out at The Farm at South Mountain and had ourselves a little picnic and then we took our overwhelming crew out bowling. We had such a good time and luckily they have upgraded the bowling shoes so we didn't look like complete dorks. :)

The kids hanging out in the park

It's so nice to have a big cousin to jump all over!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

No more boring brown bowling balls!

Hunter waiting for his turn

What do 17 year olds always do?- texting!

This is what happens when it's not your turn and you want it to be

Nice technique- anyway you can do it right?

Cosmic Bowling

The only real pro in our family- my brother in law, Russ. Although I should point out I did get 3 strikes myself :)

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