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Conversations with Reagan

Monday, June 15, 2009

As I was making dinner, Reagan asked me if we were going to have dessert afterwards?

Me: Yes we are, but you have to eat your dinner first
Reagan: What are we having for dessert?
Me: Something really good, it's something we haven't had before.
Reagan: Candy?
Me: No
Reagan: Poptarts?
Me: No
Reagan: Popcorn?
Me: Noooooo (sick of her guessing, but I want to keep it a surprise.)
Reagan: Deviled Eggs?
Me: What?
I giggle a little and ask her if that is really what she asked. I tell Mike the story and he has the same reaction I did.
"where did she eat Deviled Eggs?"

I don't think she has ever eaten them and why on Earth would she want those for dessert?
This little girl makes me wonder. :)

On another note, Reagan lost her fourth tooth this morning. Good thing, because it's been hanging there, front and center for over a week wiggling all over the place-ewwww. So now we have a huge hole and we are ready for the next two since they all seem to fall out in pairs.


Piper Paradise said...

The bigger question is - what was for dessert???

I love your photography and enjoy the pics and stories of your family :-)

Photography By Jo said...

that is too cute! Made me giggle. I'm feeling pretty lucky to get a Friday funny on a Monday.

Live.Love. Photography said...

She is so cute! And funny! Kids say the weirdest things and you have no idea where they get it.
My daughter asked my friend if she knew how to do oragami. And my friend asked my daughter if she even knew what that was. She said yes because she is asian and that is what asian people do. Believe me we have never done oragami at our house!?!? I don't even think we have ever folded planes!....... BTW what was for dessert???

Chad Banning said...

That is the biggest thing I miss from my kids being small... they say the funniest things.

Cherish it Mandy...

Andrea said...

Cute picture!!