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Kelsey (our first kid)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So if you know Mike and I, you probably kind of know how our relationship started. This year we will be married 8 years, but about a year and a half before that he and I went on our first date. Nothing too fancy, just dinner and a movie but I knew that night at dinner I was going to marry him. So from that point on our relationship moved super fast. REALLY fast! But it just always felt normal and always felt like we had already been together for years. So we moved in together after 6 weeks of dating and he asked me to marry him 6 months after our first date. See I told you, REALLY fast.
Things were going well our first few weeks of living together. I was still getting things unpacked and Mike called me from work. He sounded like something was wrong and said in a very scared voice, "We need to talk." My heart sank. Thoughts started twirling in my head, "oh gosh he doesn't want to live together now, he's changed his mind, where will I live?" I waited for him to say those dreadful words and when he spoke he said, "Would you mind if we got a dog?"
Oh what a relief, my heart started pounding again, the lump cleared in my throat and the blood began to rush back to it's normal areas in my body that it should be.
So long story short, Mike came home with Kelsey, a beagle. She wasn't named Kelsey at first, I don't even remember what it was but we knew she wasn't anything but a Kelsey. She was 6 months old, she was a rescue and had been abused. When we got her she was so sweet and gentle and has never stopped being so sweet and so loving to everyone that walks in the door. She has been there for every house move, every new pet we have brought in, the new babies we brought home from the hospital, our good days and bad days and all those in between.
And although she isn't as young as she used to me, she might limp around and her hair is turning white, she is still as loving as the first day we brought her home! Her 10th birthday is this Friday. If you think about it, wish her a Happy Birthday, I know it seems silly but 10 years is a huge milestone for a dog and we are just so blessed to have her :)

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