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Time Saving Tips for those Super Moms!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I may just be the most OCD person when it comes to lists, schedules and organization. And even though I try hard to follow my schedule,I sometimes obsess more about making the schedule than actually following through with it.
It's a nasty area in my brain, way too over planning. I look for things to schedule and look for things to write down on my to-do lists. But I have to tell you, when I can cross off something from my list, it's a nice "ahhhhh" moment for me.
On top of my bad habit of over planning, I can get easily sidetracked. If I am editing a session that needs to get out, an email will pop up on my screen, I'll open it. Oh there is a link! I click on it, it takes me to a new website with some great new photography products to look at. Then the phone rings, I chit chat for a minute or two. As I get off I realize I keep forgetting to schedule that doctor's appointment. Oh and then the buzzer on the dryer alerts me, time to fold the clothes. I fold the clothes, as I walk by the bathroom I notice it needs a little cleaning. I go to the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies and remember I still haven't made that doctor appointment. Then as I sit down at the computer to call the doctors office, another email comes in. I reply to the email and see another cool website to look at. It's a vicious cycle and at the end of the day I am exhausted and haven't gotten done what I really need to get done.
So here are some tips that might help you organize your Super Mom life a little bit and I am hoping to use them as well :)

Tip 1- Get a Blutooth! I know they are dorky but I wear mine in the house and I swear it allows me to do many things I wouldn't be able to. I can talk on the phone to a girlfriend while putting on my make-up. I can talk to my mom while folding the clothes and I can call Michael while I am cleaning the bathroom. It frees up both my hands to be able to do more.

Tip 2- Get yourself a timer. I have started using my on my desk. So if I am giving myself 1 hour to edit a session, I set it for 1 hour. I do not have anything else up during the editing. My email isn't up, the website isn't up. That 1 hour is designated to only my editing. It's useful for cleaning as well.

Tip 3- Write it down!! I am a big believer of this. To-Do lists, grocery lists, things you need to get at Target. Believe me you save so much time not having to think of these things on the fly. Your prepared and ready to go!

Tip 4- Keep it organized! When you get your mail, go through it right then, when you take your clothes out of the dryer put them away right then. Things will always come up and you'll never get to it and then it becomes huge piles of crap that will take your whole Saturday to do.

Tip 5- Don't over schedule! This one is hard for me. My husband says I always squeeze in too much. Do what you need but remember most importantly you NEED you family time.

Tip 6- Delegate! It's ok to ask your kids to help with laundry, they should be cleaning their own rooms and making their beds after a certain age. Have your husband do the dishes if you clean. Make a chore list for everyone in the family to lighten your load.

Tip 7- Fill in those odd times. This doesn't mean to over schedule but it does mean, return some emails if you are waiting in line to get your kids from school. Jot down your grocery list and weekly menu while you are waiting in the doctor's office. Use those times wisely.

Tip 8- Prep the night before. Every night you should have the kids pick out their clothes for the next day. Have the lunches made, backpacks and papers ready to go. That way you aren't looking for clean socks in the morning and everybody will have time to brush their teeth. :)

Tip 9- Plan Meals! This one is also pretty big for me. I try and plan our meals out for a month. So every week when I hit the grocery store I am getting only what is on the list for that week. Also take a Sunday and bake all your chicken or make a few of the dinners and freeze them for later that week.

Tip 10- Schedule in some "Me"time- This is a big one that I forget to do. But we always feel more energized, more motivated and more relaxed after I read a good book, when shopping alone, had a massage or pedicure. Do it, your family will thank you and you will feel so much better about everything else you do!

Hope those tips will help a little. Try it this week and let me know how you do! And feel free to share some of your tips!

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