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Easter Family Fun!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter is just a few days away. The weather here is so awesome around Easter. We really live it up during the Spring. The nights are still cool and the days are just a little bit of perfect.
Just wanted to share a few ideas with you to celebrate Easter with your family. Easter should be a day of relaxing and enjoying the day with your family so I hope these tips will give you some ideas to start your own family traditions.

1. The Zoo- the weather is perfect and the zoo is always a pretty stress-free location, unless of course you loose your kid for 5 minutes in a crowd. :) Yep done that. Oops! Go early in the morning to be the crowds, have some lunch there and enjoy your day of strolling and learning about the animals.

2. Easter Egg Hunt- of course! Mike and I usually have to get up pretty early to hide the eggs, we tried one year to hide them the night before and woke up to some dogs who had a midnight snack all night long :( Either way it's a pretty inexpensive and fun activity for the kids to do in the morning while you have muffins in the oven. ;)

3. A Picnic- we have done this several years. It's so much fun to pack up a basket full of lunch goodies and take them to a park. Bring some balls and some hula hoops or bikes and let the kids play while you relax and take in the sun!

4. The Jelly Bean Trail, again be careful if you have animals unless you can do this early in the morning. You'll need about 2 bags of jelly beans. Start a trail from their room door out to where ever you have their Easter egg basket hidden. Might even be fun to make fake trails as well to throw them off.

5. Explain the story of Easter. This one should be done every year regardless. Teach your kids the real story of Easter, remind them it's not just about the Easter Bunny and candy.

6. Have some fun baking. There are a ton of Easter recipes that are fun and easy for all family members. Bake cookies or cupcakes and have the whole family in on the fun.
7. Dye Easter Eggs- this one could get a little messy but I actually found this really cool gadget this year to dye eggs. It's called the No Spill Egg Coloring Kit- you can purchase it online, but I found mine in my local Home Goods Store. Sounds like a lot more fun for me that I won't have to clean up such a nasty mess. I am all about the non clean up for mom on a holiday!

8. Lastly, do some Easter crafts, again there are plenty of websites that have all sorts of things. One of my favorite websites for all those ideas is Family Fun! It's my go to website for crafts, actives and games!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter this weekend! I hope you can find these ideas useful and whatever you do I hope that you spend the day with your family, that is all that matters! :)
Happy Easter!


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