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Bernedette's Mother's Day Session- Chandler Family Photographer

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I give some major props to this little mom, not only does she have 3 BOYS!!! but she showed up looking lovely as ever and I made her track through the mud in her wedges.  Her boys had white on and I'm not sure how they were so good to not get mud on their shirts.  Hunter would have dove head first into that mud, which is again why I only have 1 boy :)

I'm so glad I was able to take these pictures for her.  As a mother our kids are always are biggest love, accomplishment, journey, passion and even sometimes our biggest headache.  But I know we would all do it all over again no matter what and wouldn't trade motherhood in for anything in the world.  It's an amazing gift and I'm so glad to have shared it with her!

Thank you Bernedette!  Happy Mother's Day :)


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