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Moms Night Out

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moms never get to go out.  And it's not really something we have to do a lot but I realize the older I get I really need a girls night out.  It's great motivation and a re-boost to you when you are stressed out, being pulled  in a million different directions and every thing you are doing is for someone else.  A Moms Night Out gives you some time to adjust back to having more patience and understanding and calmness.
We planned a Moms Night Out on Saturday that was so much fun.  Dinner, drinks and a chick flick was just what the doctor ordered.  And again it's not something we all needed to do on an every weekend basis but it sure hit the spot to get us through the next couple of months of crazy hectic every day life.
I can't wait til our next one.  It's something I can look forward to.  It was awesome mom bonding without the hubby or the kiddos. :)

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