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Chore Clipboards for Kids

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My kids are at the age where chores are part of the every day life.  It stinks but hey guess what, mom needs help around here :)
So I made up a chart for our fridge a few months ago that was working ok but I wanted something a little more individual for them and because I'm such a crafty gal, I wanted to make it a little more crafty.
So I thought about decorating some clipboards for them to mark off on their chores.... in my mind this will make them want to do their chores.  Hmmmm, not sure if that is a reality or not... we'll see.

Here is what you'll need:
Clipboards (any size you'd like)
Scrapbook paper. I used 2 coordinating prints
Mod Podge
Paint brushes or paint sponges
Sand Paper
Fabric Glue

First you need to sand paper the clipboards, just a little bit so it roughs them up.  Next you paint the clip boards any color you'd like.  I even let Reagan help on this part.  Just be careful when you get up near the clip part.
My grocery list clipboard I made was painted green and I painted Hunter's baseball clipboard white.
Next you'll cut the first piece of paper that you want to go on the bottom.  I soaked the back of it with Mod Podge.
Next up is the upper piece of paper.  Don't worry if the Mod Podge sneaks out, it will dry clear.  Just make sure you put in on straight.  Also make sure your top paper goes all the way up under the clip to hide any imperfections with the paint.
Next I took a piece of ribbon and glued it to the two pieces of paper.  Make sure the glue you use underneath is free of lumps.
I cut up some ribbon and tied them on the clip.  The more different the ribbons are I think makes the clipboard that much more adorable.
Here's Hunter's baseball clipboard.  I love this one!
Last thing you want to do it paint Mod Podge on the entire clipboard when you are done.  It will add a nice hard layer over the paper so the ends won't bend up.  Basically kid proof it.  I was worried at first because the Mod Podge created some lumps in the paper from being wet but they all went down on their own after they dried and it looked great!
Finished products!
Here are the clipboards with their chore charts on them!  So cute! :)

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