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Dresser Drawer Organization Solution: T-shirts!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My husband is a pack-rat, which doesn't go well with my OCD with organization.  Believe me it doesn't mesh well.  I have laughed at some of the things he has kept over the years.  You know like the used surf board soap on a rope packed away in one of his boxes.  What in the world?  I swear if he wasn't married to me, he would be on the next episode of Hoarders :)
One of the issues that comes up quite a bit is his over abundance of t-shirts.  He has so many t-shirts, he puts my closet to shame.  Although he has t-shirts from when he was in 8th grade.  Let me just tell you the man just turned 40, you do the math!  Some of his shirts are so thin and have so many holes in them, they almost aren't t-shirts, but that is when he tells me they make the best shirts.
I will say, thank goodness, he doesn't wear these outside the home but to lounge in around the house, oh yes!  Don't be surprised if you pop by unannounced one day and find him in a holy shirt.
The problem with the t-shirts is he just keeps adding more over the years, and it starts turning into New York City in his drawers.  There is no room to fit them all in.  It drives me nuts, we are shoving things in there trying to keep the drawers closed.  No matter how many time I re-arrange or fold nicer nothing seems to work. 
And then one sweet day I saw a little something on Pinterest.  It was the answer to my nightmare.!!!

A new way to fold?  What was this?  Oh yes!  Just what I needed.  It actually condensed the t-shirts from 4 drawers to 3 drawers.  Everything is nice and organized and he can still see what shirts he has in there without pulling 20 out.

I didn't tell him I was doing it, but he walked in and I just said, "don't say anything, just go with me ok?"  He knew that meant I needed to get my OCD organization fix and I'd be fine.
I joke with him some days that my next step is going to be putting them in alphabetical order... :)  And that is when he just shakes his head at me and walks away.  I love him!



Rhonda said...

That is a fantastic idea! I'll have to try it! I may not be as bad as Mike, but I do still have some t-shirts from when I was in high school 15 years ago - shh! ;)

Delissa said...

Oh, my goodness! I SO needed this, Mandy! My hubby's drawer is so full that I can't even open it all the way to shove things in!! ugh! I will definitely be trying your new folding technique!! ;)

Stefanie Delongchamp said...

I love that you're a little OCD like me Mandy! Thought I hang most of our stuff up (color coordinated of course)I have been folding our shirts like that for years! It's so much nicer & easier to see what's in the drawer! :)