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What I am thankful for right this minute?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A few days ago I was brain storming on some new ideas for the blog.  And it hit me I hadn't really done any kind of post to show what I am thankful for.  I realize the older I get I start to cherish time I have with family, things that make me smile, and things that really mean the most.  I try hard to brush the negative off, the situations that aren't going to make me who I really am.  I try so hard to stay positive and even when I am having a bad day I try to take a deep breath and look at what has gone right or what wonderful things I still have in my life.  It's not always easy but I thought maybe writing some of them down would help me through the month.

So for now I will do a monthly post on a few things I am thankful to have in my life.  Just as a  reminder to myself there are still many wonderful things in this world :)

1. Reagan, Hunter and Michael

2. My parents

3. My good friend Brooke

4. The kids are back in school

5. Pinterest

6. God

7. The beautiful Arizona summer skies

8. My organization kick I have been on lately

9. Bonnie and Trenten who escaped a horrible accident unhurt

10. My daily Iced-Tea! :)

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