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Goose Bump Inspiration Story /One At Bat: Adam Greenberg

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I love hearing stories like this, especially when you watch the news every night and it's one sad story after the next. I love hearing these stories and knowing there are still so many wonderful people still in the world. Ones that are willing to help strangers, ones that are willing to speak for someone they hardly know.

We are a pretty big baseball family. From March-October our house is Baseball, Baseball, Baseball. Between watching 162 Yankee games on TV almost every day, and carting Hunter to his baseball games and practice, it's the subject of the household for quite some time.

So when I happened to be watching this story on The Today Show, I couldn't help but get goose bumps all over my body. Adam Greenberg was a brand new MLB ballplayer back in 2005, young, in shape and had his career in front of him. He was living his dream. He stepped up to the batters box for the first time in the Major Leagues and instantly his dream was shattered. His very first at bat, Adam was hit by a 92 hour fast ball right in the head. His career was over.

7 years later after working to get his strength back, his skill and talent, he has a complete stranger than started to rally for him and his dream. All he wanted was MLB to give Adam just one more at bat. Just one chance to swing the bat in the major leagues.  You can watch his documentary on Adam below.

Well surprise surprise, someone was watching the owner of the Miami Marlins offered Adam Greenberg a one day contract to play with them against the Mets on Oct 2nd, 2012. Now remember we don't watch any other teams in the house but the Yankees, but I guarantee we will all be sitting in front of our TV that night, rooting for Adam and watching him get a second chance to live his dream!

It's on Tuesday so I hope you'll check it out and support Adam!


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