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My Glorious Day!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This week surely gave me a run for my money.  My website and email went down last Friday until Monday night.  Yikes, that wasn't fun.  Then Saturday evening I went to do some work on the computer and noticed my screen saver was frozen so I restarted my computer and guess what it never came back on.  My motherboard was toast, luckily my hard drive was ok.  Years ago I had a laptop I was using totally die on me and that was when I wasn't so strict on backing up to external hard drives.  Well I have learned my lesson and back up everything now but that doesn't mean I don't freak out a little bit when my computer is broken.  It was a stressful couple of days for me but I am very proud to say I handled it pretty well.  No crazy spouts of rage :)

Luckily I found one of the best IT guys ever, Mr. Matt Kendall with Kendall Technologies and he was my life saver this week.  Sweet guy, very professional and very knowledgeable!!  After I bit the bullet and purchased a new computer, he came over and transferred everything from my old hard drive to my new one.  Awww what a relief!
So now I am sitting on my desk on my new fancy schmancy computer and it's glorious!!!  Love love love it!!!! Thanks Matt for the save.  Now I just have to get caught up on the last week of stress but I can't tell you how much that motivates me. Not being with a computer for about 5 days is gut wrenching but I am back!!  Yippie, I am a happy girl today! :)

Have a great Thursday!

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