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Blog Love- Junk Gypsy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 was a big turning point for me.  I started to realize my liking for junk.  Not in a hoarder gross kind of way but more of "I can turn this great vintage piece into this awesome new piece."  I started my love for all things vintage, antique and full of character.  I started loving things that just weren't perfect, things that might be roughed up a bit, and had a little story behind them.

And then I discovered the mother load of junk lovers!!   Junk Gypsy.  It's a show on HGTV of these 2 sisters that "glam-ify" junk and of course add a little Texas flair to it as well.  I was hooked on the first show and wish they would make a million more for me to watch.  I started stalking their website and blog and just can't get enough of them.  I keep trying to convince Mike that we need to move to Texas so I can start buying up junk.  His response... "ummmm...NO!"

So I'll just keep pretending I am a part of the Junk Gypsies until I can convince him.  Check out their blog, website and show.  You'll really love it!

Junk Gypsy Website

Junk Gypsy Blog


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