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The Wilson Family-Gilbert Family Photographer

Monday, November 05, 2012

Oh my goodness, I wish this Halloween candy would just disappear. I can't stop eating it. They are just so bite size and easy to pop in your mouth. The first couple of years when the kiddos were really little I was really into Halloween. I loved the idea of brainstorming what they were going to be in June, ordering their costume from some high priced Halloween site in July and making the night a really big deal. The older they get I usually am telling the kids October 1st that it's too early to start thinking of what they want to be and actually buying their costume cheap the weekend before. What has gotten into me? Maybe it's because the kids are bigger, who knows. It's amazing now how they don't even really need me to help them Trick or Treat. Years ago, I would have to walk up to the front door with them and explain to them what they needed to do. Now I am just standing in the street as they run from house to house and I yell at them, "SAY THANK-YOU!!"

 One thing is still the same... I love when they go to bed and I can shop in their bag of goodies. Yum Yum! It's hard to say what my favorite is but it's pretty close between the Kit Kat and the Reece's Buttercups. Oh so lovely! Those little bite size pieces of heaven makes my editing go rather quickly. I just need to make sure to watch the scale :) I am sure I would step on the scale and actually wonder why I had just gained 5 pounds this week... um hello!

 Either way I am pretty excited to show off The Wilson Family. Are they not the cutest? And what an amazing family to shoot. They were so easy to shoot and so willing to do anything. I even got them all to hula-hoop!  Yes even mom and dad! :)

 Check out more of their images on their slideshow below...

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