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Cheesy Grins and Masterpieces

Monday, December 10, 2012

Whew, another week has flown by quickly.  It's getting closer and closer to Christmas....eeeekkkkk.  I think the older my kids are getting, I am really enjoying our Christmases.  Maybe I know they won't always believe, maybe because they understand the whole idea of it now, maybe it's because they can participate and help out with shopping and decorating.  Who knows?  But the last few years I have been just giddy with excitement to see their faces Christmas morning?  I am giddy when they ask questions about Jesus and his birth.  I am giddy when they choose to do something kind for someone else.

I almost have all of my Christmas shopping done which is pretty awesome, I know some big time show offs that finish shopping Thanksgiving weekend.  Or the ones that have everything wrapped then as well, geez.  What a goal to live up to!  I envy that organization :)
But we are still doing pretty good and ahead of our schedule.

We finished up Fall Baseball for Hunter this week.  The boys actually made it to the tournament which is awesome!  It was a single elimination for the boys and they made it to the second round but then lost it.  They held their own, but it was against the undefeated team.  It was a lot of fun to be out there and cheering for the boys.  We know they are still little but they have grown so much in skill and their knowledge of the game.  It's amazing!!  Hunter received the game ball at the last game of the regular season.  He was pretty excited as you can see in his big cheesy grin :)

Cheesy game ball grin!

This week I had something that stopped me in my tracks, literally.  The kids and I were on our way to Running Club in the morning and as I got in the car, this almost took my breath away.  It's amazing how God can make such wonderful masterpieces.  Even answering all of our prayers, big and tiny he has some time to build this!  Amazing :)

Later that same day, I had to stop and get gas and this started to develop.  Twice in one day?   He makes these amazing pieces of art work.  So similar in awe but so completely different.  I truly felt honored and blessed to have seen such a sight!

Hunter found this Santa hat in our decorations and has been wearing it all week.  He even wore it to bed.  This kid is such a sweat-er when he sleeps so I can only imagine how hot his head was.  I even saw him wake up for a minute, re-adjust his hat and lay back down.  So sweet :)

 I found this adorable camera holiday ornament on Target this week.  So stinkin' cute, I couldn't pass it up.  It looks pretty amazing on my tree, I hate to brag but ahhhh!  I am thinking it might need to have MANDY in sparkly pink paint written on it.... sounds like a craft idea in the works :)
 My Christmas cards have arrived!  I am so excited but less than thrilled to address them all and send them out.  I wish I wasn't such a control freak or I'd have Mike help me, but really you don't want to Mike's handwriting on the cards.  Actually you probably wouldn't care but I do. :)
  On another note I can't believe how much I spent on them.  Eeekkk, I really wish I could tone that part down.  Not only are the cards themselves super expensive but I have to send out so many.... every year I keep adding more and more.  Hmmmm, might have to come up with a new plan for that.... any suggestions?

 I spent most of my Sunday not doing holiday things or editing but catching up on the household stuff.  There were piles and piles of clothes all over my bedroom that either needed to be hung up or washed.  There were piles of paper on my desk that needed to go through.  It was getting to the point of just overwhelming.  Being an organized freak it drives me nuts and I'm not able to concentrate on anything else.  If I need to work, I swear that pile of papers is staring at me and making faces with me.  If I want to sit down and read a book, guess what those piles of clothes are saying, " nannie nanie booboo, we are making a me-ssssss!"  Do your piles talk to you like that?  No, wait, it's just me and my crazy mind, what?
Ugh!  So we did some major cleaning, major laundry, major dust bunny killing and I was able to sigh- SIGH!!!!!!, ahhhh,- climb into bed last night and let my mind just..... rest.  This morning I woke up energized, motivated and ready to go.  It's amazing sometimes what gift you can give to your mind :)

Happy week to you all, hope you can finish your Christmas shopping, hope you can do some fun baking or maybe see something amazing this week that God created like I did!

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