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The Adame Family- Phoenix Family Photographer

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hunter had his baseball tournament today, it was a single elimination. We won the first game but had to come back about 3 hours later to play the second game. Unfortunately we didn't win the second game, but the boys held their own. They were playing against the undefeated team in the league. So our baseball season for the fall is over, kind of looking forward to some free Saturdays around the house, especially with Christmas approaching.
A little Saturday shopping?  Um no!  I look forward to hot chocolate, watching holiday movies and snuggling with the kiddos on the couch.  I only have a few gifts left to get and I make sure when I shop, it's usually on a Monday morning.  I can't deal with the holiday traffic or crowds.  BLAH!

I have a few more families to show off this season, The Adame Family is next, with their adorable little ones. Little Chase arrived this year just a few months ago and he had a hard time keeping his little shoes on.  I caught him starring at me through the camera a few times and I swear he was telling me "lady, this isn't what I had planned for my Saturday afternoon".  But he made up for it later and I got lots of giggles out of him :)
Sweet little Riley is making a big appearance at being 2 but those baby blues, ooohhh I just love!  Her smile is little mischievous and that makes her so much cuter!

You can view more images and their slideshow by clicking here!

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