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The Mowery Family-Phoenix Family Photographer

Friday, November 29, 2013

I am starting to see everyone putting up their Christmas trees today and I am so jealous.  I am always quick to put the decorations up but even quicker to take them down.  After about a month of all the extra clutter in the house, I am ready to go back to simple decor.  I feel a little claustrophobic.   As much as I love Christmas, 4 weeks of it in my house is enough.
We do however have the pile of gifts in the living room that never seem to find a home for a few weeks.  Please tell me you have that too.  I have opened boxes from clothes that I fold flat and keep and usually has a nice pile that stays for awhile as well until I find some time to put them where they go.

I am giving myself a goal of being better about that this year.  Let's cross some fingers!  Well let's get through Christmas first shall we?

On another note of something I never tire of seeing... the Mowery Family!  I just love this family.  Beautiful inside and out :)  These two little girls just melt my heart!

You can view more of their images on the slideshow below

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