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The Whittle Family-Phoenix Family Photographer

Monday, December 02, 2013

We put up our Christmas decorations this past weekend.  I am not sure how I squeezed in it, but I was really in the need of some holiday cheer around here.  The house looks festive and I am so excited!   Somehow we realized we have accumulated a million or so Christmas stuffed animals. I have no idea where they have all come from.  I don' t buy them.  Last year after a few days of having them all out we were a little claustrophobic so this year we only took out about 1/3 and it's much nicer.  After the first of the year I probably need to go through them and donate them.  Do you have a ton of Christmas decor?

The tree is a funny issue with me.  I love having the tree up, but it's more of the the idea of having it up rather than actually putting it up.  It's kind of like painting a room.  I get really excited to start but the process is awful and I can't wait to be done.  Same thing with the dang tree.  But once it's done I am a happy camper, at least until I have to take it all down.

Let me share with you this morning the Whittle Family.  Andrea has been assisting me with some of my weddings in the past.  She is always a great pal to have around when the dirty get dirty.  Her family are pretty easy to shoot and the little one, Cassia is quite the ham.  Hence the tiara, magic wand and fairy wings.

I think I might try wearing those around one day!  Maybe even while I shoot :)

You can view more images on the slideshow by clicking below.

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