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The Bauer Extended Family- Tempe Family Photographer

Sunday, January 05, 2014

How was your holidays?  Were they wonderful, stressful?  Mine were a little bit of both.  We had some family in town which was amazing but that also meant we were GO GO GO!    Our Christmas decorations are packed up, in fact I did it the day after Christmas.  I was in a mood to organize and organize I have.  Oh it feels so good!

Just a few days after Christmas I got to meet up with the Bauer Family.  I went to high school with Kim but haven't seen her in years. It was such a nice visit!  She brought her whole sweet little family including her adorable daughter Quinn.    I even got a "she has been pretty cranky today, we weren't sure if we wanted to cancel the session."    Well this sweet little Quinn couldn't have been happier and more awesome in front of the camera.  She even found her tongue that day and let us know it!  She was adorable and couldn't take her eyes of the camera.  We all had a great time seeing her work her little magic!

Cranky?  Ha!  Not this little pumpkin :)

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking below!

Who says we don't have Fall in Arizona?  We just have to wait a few more months for it!

A Quinn Sandwich!  Yes of course !

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