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Pickin' a Pokin

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So Reagan has never been able to say Pumpkin. In fact our cat's name is Pumpkin and ever since she could talk she has always called him Pokin. In fact Mike and I call Pumpkin, Pokin every once in awhile. And so when Halloween comes around Reagan lets us know every time she sees a Pokin. So today we drove down to the local Pokin patch to pick up some pokins. Reagan was really excited and followed Mike all over to find the perfect Pokin. Hunter has another strategy- just sit on all the pokins and see which one he liked best. (By the way Mike dressed him today so he would be ready to explore the pokin patch.)
I got some cute shots of them and we ended up walking away with 2 medium sized pokins and 2 baby pokins so Hunter could carry something his size.

Here is Reagan with her pokin.

Look mom.....

Hunter's baby size pokins...I think he is wondering why she is holding his pokin.

I'll have a seat.....
right here- perfect!

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