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Happy Procrastination 2008

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So I haven't been very timely yet with blogging for 2008-oops but here is the deal. I really wanted to ENJOY the holiday season, not let it stress me out, not get irritated at the mall when I couldn't find a parking spot and worry how much I was eating and made sure I didn't spend all my holiday editing pictures. I do love you all but there comes a time when I need to keep my sanity and this holiday season was definitely it for me. I'm sure my husband is thankful too!

Anyhoo- there is a couple of things on my agenda today with this post.
First if you hadn't noticed my blog is green, I've been "toying" with the idea of new colors, new logo, new cards, all new motif, so stay tuned for the finish result but yes it'll pretty much have the green in it! I'm really diggin' it. I felt like I needed to find "my colors".
Second I wanted to show you a few photos from Christmas and what the kids got from Santa!
And last I wanted to check off a couple of goals I have done since I started. They were some items that don't really have a completion date but where on going and I do plan on keeping it that way.

Santa makes a visit Christmas Eve at my sister's house- he comes every year to bring the kids presents! Hunter isn't impressed this year.

Bff's Cadyn and Reagan- so sweet, they get along so well.

Look at Cadyn's face- isn't this so cute?

Do you see the Posh Beckham face like I do? She's very mature here to me and shows a little "tude". This is when Santa comes in, I think she's in to it this year!Hunter is not so into Santa this year-Christmas MorningHunter's lil' quad- he got right on and new exactly what to do-

The bike from Santa, of course it was purple and of course it was a princess bike but the boots- check those out, Mom's a little jealous! Might have to get me a pair. :)

My 101 goals check off List!

Check off #54- Spend cuddling time every day with my kids and husband -Duh!

Check off #76. Tell Mike, Reagan and Hunter I love them every day-duh!

Check off #78. Buy a real plant and keep it alive- I bought my first plant in March and "Gerdie" didn't make it, 2 months later she died, so in June I bought "Agnes" and she has been thriving since June. She's really young at heart and I expect her to live a long healthy life. I promise she's not a fake plant! here's a picture of the lovely dame.

Check off #91. Get regular pedicures, this has been quite lovely! I'll spare you the pics of my toes but they do look much better now, especially when I have cute paint on them- sparkly silver on now for the New Year- :)

Check off #101. Kiss Mike and my kids good night every night-duh!

Happy New Year everyone- may you have a wonderful year full of happy memories!!!!!!


Jennifer Radack said...

Love the color. Miss you! Love the pics of the kids.

Smith Gallery Photography said...

ooh- I love your plant! one of my resolutions from last year... aloe vera plant named "vera"

Grazier Photography said...

i love your list of 101 goals... i may have to copy that. What a fun thing to review at the end of every year!

Deb Brugman said...

Cute Kids. Great pictures. Happy New Year!

Jennifer Cook said...

Looks like the kids had a lot of fun for the holiday's. Happy New Year!

Jaci said...

Love all the Christmas photos. So precious.
I hope you have better luck growing a plant that I do. I can't grow anything inside to save my life :(