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Sugarlips Cakery

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hey there Sugarlips, no actually I'm talking about Sugarlips Cakery, not you silly.
I found this adorable Cake company last summer when I was searching for a cake for my son. Hunter was having a "jungle" themed party and I had just had to find the perfect cake. Two things I don't skimp out on for my kids birthday parties is the invitations and the cake. I just always "forget" to tell my husband how much they cost. :)

They did an awesome job on his cake. In fact she even has the sample on her website of Hunter's cake. Reagan's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and of course I ordered an awesome cake for her- I can't wait to see it. It's going to be a Princess Carriage cake.
I refer all my brides to Sugarlips. I think they are top notch and do awesome creative cakes. Melodie is the owner and has so many cute ideas. You have to check out their website and even better pop in to see her shop. It's so adorable!!

Tell her I sent you and hopefully you'll be able to try some cake or cookies!

See Hunter's cake in her portfolio in the store- it was such a cute cake!


Courtney said...

okay this is super-ultra wierd. Yesterday, I was checking out your blog and saw the link to them on the left side of the page and thought "that is SUCH a cute bakery name...I wonder if Mandy could get photo's of their stuff" jokin'! That's you and me on the same wavelength sister :-) Great shots!

Kelly Segre said...

What a great cake place!! I love all the pink!