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Krista and Tim's wedding

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Krista and Tim were married on Saturday at the Orange Tree Golf Resort in Scottsdale. The weather was beautiful and so were the bride and groom.
When my assistant and I walked into the bridal room, we actually thought we might have the wrong room. Normally there is 15-20 women, make-up everywhere, dresses everywhere, women getting dressed, music, gossiping, laughing, and plenty of hair spraying. We saw none of that. The room was silenced, every thing in the room was in order. The make-up was put away, dresses were all hung nice and neat.
So we gave each other a look, double checked the room number and sure enough we had it right.
Krista had given herself some quite time to adjust, relax and just enjoy her day.
Of course the room did fill up closer to the ceremony time with girls getting ready but she still kept the place pretty organized. The boys room was a whole other story. I guess opposites attract. :)
This was a really fun wedding and Krista and Tim had some really cute details for their wedding. Joyce and Keri from the Orange Tree were awesome to work with and really kept the schedule flowing.
The reception was a lot of fun and I just love when guests dance the entire night. We had a few quests really just "let loose" and that always makes for some awesome pictures!
You can check out more images on their slideshow. CLICK HERE

Here are some of my favorites through out the day.

I think this was my favorite image of he day- I love Krista's look on her face- it's perfect!

Tim's mother got teary eyed on the way down the aisle. It was too cute!

It's official- Mr. and Mrs.

My 2nd shooter Phillip got this great shot of the boys.

Check out this awesome cake


Courtney said...

ooh fun!! I absolutely LOVE that cake shot...they are all awesome. They are going to love these!

Alaina said...

AMAZING... i love them! I cannot wait for our wedding in October. You take the best photos

Paula Stiller said...

hi mandy! i just was checking out your new blog...awesome! great pics also! yeah! talk to you later!

Andrea said...

Ooooh these turned out so beautiful! I think the one with her getting her dress on is also my favorite!