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2nd week weigh in

Monday, April 28, 2008

I have a confession- I cheated. Friday was my bad day. I didn't set out to do it, it just kind of happened. I actually took out Amina from Some Like it Classic Event Planning to lunch. I thought it would be a little awkward to just eat a cookie. So I ordered hummus. I guess that's better than a pepperoni pizza. And then for dinner we all went to Arribas and I had a red Chile burrito AND a margarita. I know I know. But it felt so good. I even licked the chips. I was a little disappointed in myself but also felt like after 2 full weeks it was nice to have a little bit of a reward. Those burritos are a weakness of mine. :)
So I drove in this morning and lost another 3.8 pounds!!!! I guess it wasn't such a cheat day after all- :)

Weight loss this week: 3.8 pounds
Total: 7.3 pounds

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Andrea said...

Good job!