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Happy Birthday Michael!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Today Mike turns 36! I think one of the first times I remember meeting him was for his 29th birthday- seems like forever ago. I still think he looks the exact same as the day I met him. I on the other hand do not. Not just the hair color and cut but a few extra pounds I'm still not happy with. :)
It's amazing how you can see someone grow over the years and remember back to all the birthdays you've celebrated with your loved one. I can only imagine what it will be like to celebrate Mike's 90th birthday someday-wow.
The Yankees played the Red Sox today at Yankee stadium and all he wanted today was to spend the whole day on the couch watching the Yankees beat the Sox. Mike thinks it's destiny that they would play on his birthday and as I write this that is exactly what he is enjoying on his "day off."
Happy Birthday Michael- you are a wonderful husband and father and I'm so thankful you were born today 36 years ago.
Happy Birthday!!


Courtney said...

I want to pinch their cheeks off! They are so stinking adorable! Happy Birthdy, Mike! You have the best wife ever :)


Kara Pennington Photography said...

happy birthday, mike!!!