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Mike and I are getting "KISSED" tomorrow morning!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whooohooo- we are so excited. Mike and I get to go to Kiss FM radio studios in Phoenix to visit Johnjay and Rich- 2 radio Dj's that we think are totally funny! We love their morning show on 104.7fm. We listen to them every morning and I literally am laughing out loud on way to work every morning. Mike and I call each other through out the show to see if the other one is listening to a certain part or even talk about the show over dinner that night- I know we are silly and maybe a little over-obsessed. But it is so hard not to be because they are so stinkn' funny and have something cool on their show every day.

You'll have to check out their website and you can hear things like "War of the Roses, Confession Wednesday, Second Date Update" and much much more!!

I will definitely be taking my camera so check back for pictures of us with the DJ's- let's hope.

We probably won't actually be on the radio. We get to sit back and watch the show and see how they do it, from the phone calls coming in, and things like that!

I'm so stoked-!!! Yippie! Wish us luck we have to be there early early!!!!!!

1 comment:

O Grace Photography said...

How fun! I think they are funny too:)
(I was nervous with the initial title if you know what I mean...hahahaha)