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Monday, September 08, 2008

I saw this on Rachel Brooke's blog and thought it was such a cute idea- It's always neat when you can find different things out about people you know. Although I'm pretty sure every single person that has ever met me knows I hate to eat vegetables! :)

I AM ….. so grateful.
I WANT…happiness for my kids
I HAVE …the greatest family!!!
I KEEP …all my kids art projects. I think I need a storage unit
I WISH I COULD …travel back to New Zealand and take my hubby and kids.
I HATE …veggies.
I FEAR …flying!
I HEAR …the radio.
I DON’T THINK …I want to turn 30 on Thursday!
I REGRET …nothing- I believe everything happens for a reason.
I LOVE …my kids and my husband and now my new cute studio.
I AM NOT … A good eater
I DANCE …all the time – I love to dance!
I SING …loudly in the car and I sign at Karaoke
I NEVER …get sick
I RARELY … procrastinate, it makes me nuts to wait til the last minute, I’m overly-obsessed with planning early
I CRY WHEN I WATCH …”PS. I love you”. Are you kidding me? That was the saddest movie EVER!!!!
I AM NOT ALWAYS…as bored as I would like to be. I can’t remember the last time I was “bored”- oh to be bored again.
I HATE THAT …I will probably get that ticket from turning right on a red yesterday-oops
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …politics, I should pay better attention.
I NEED ….. a vacation
I SHOULD……pray more.

Thanks so much Rachel!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

P.S. I Love You is the saddest, yet one of the best, movies ever. I saw it on Christmas Day last year, when I was a newlywed...what was I thinking? :)

By your list, I think we're a lot alike. Ha ha...except, I happen to love vegetables. :)