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Our New Place!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mike and I spent all afternoon putting furniture together, hanging pictures on the wall, and trying to make our space just perfect. Every time I'd ask Mike "should I hang this here?" or "Should I put this book here?" he'd reply "un-huh". I don't think he could tell a difference of any of the choices and of course in Mike's words, "you'll change it 100 more times anyway." Which I am sure I probably will but I'm a woman and that is what we do! But for now it works, for now it's perfect and I'm just as happy as can be!!!!!!!

Here's a view from outside, we have this adorable little courtyard- our studio is the 1st door on the right!

We have to fix the light- it's on the list to be done, so don't look at the ceiling yet- :)

The mouse update: (don't scroll down if you get grossed out easily) We came home at about 7:30 tonight from being gone all day. Mike took the kids upstairs to take a bath and look who we ran into at the top of the stairs. Not sure why he chose that spot to die but it's a little dramatic don't you think? My closet is about 20 feet away, I can only imagine he was dragging himself, after he ate the poison and tried to make a statement to us. Of course Mike is very happy to have our little critter up in heaven. :) Oh it's always something at our house!


Tammy M. said...

Mandy -
I am so excited for you!

Congratulations on your beautiful space. Be sure and post this on the Alumni blog so everyone can be sure and celebrate with you. Love the colors and it all looks just deliciously yummily decorated!!!!
Your work is amazing.

Courtney said...

oh my word! It looks fantastic :) I am having a love affair with your damask chair!!!! You must be totally psyched! And that mouse...yuck!!! That is hilarious. I can't believe it just plopped and died right there...haha too funny!

Anonymous said...

mandy, the studio looks super cute! i love the color scheme and design. very nice! :)

...and i closed my eyes while scrolling past that mouse photo to leave a comment -- thanks for the warning! :)

congratulations on the studio!!

Renae J said...


Your home is adorable! Congratulations and best of luck in your new studio!

Chris Paxman said...

Looks like a beautiful space!