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Why you don't leave a 2 year old unattended

Friday, October 31, 2008

It doesn't take long for these little boys to find trouble. I was in the back of the house hanging clothes in the closet for about 5 minutes and when I realized I didn't hear him, (which is always a bad sign)I went into the living room and found this.

Hunter had put Reagan's dog in the real dog's water dish. And decided to have a little fun

I think he knows he is in trouble, kind of looks like he is thinking about an alibi.

The mess he made on the floor

Soaking wet

I think he feels bad

I made him clean up his own mess

And rescue the dog

The puppy is still soaking wet but stable


ericamay said...

oh my gosh, mandy. that is SO cute and hilarious! don't you love that your kids' lives are going to be so well-documented? imagine how fun that story will be in several yaers. :) great photos!

Courtney said...

hahahahahahaha I died when I saw this. His little face is SO guilty! Can you stand it? I love, love, love that you made him clean it up. How awesome are you! This is something you are gonna pull out when he brings home his fiance...haha good stuff!

Photography By Jo said...

I love the picture of the stuffed dog in the water dish. EmmaLee likes to get into any water she can find. We have to be careful around toilets with her.