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Check off #80- Get my tattoos touched up

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ouch ouch ouch. This is probably my most painful 101 goals but it was well worth it. For years I have been wanting to add Reagan and Hunter's astrological sign to my back where I have my sign. I am a Virgo, Reagan is an Aries, Hunter is a Cancer. It was my way of representing them on me forever. I also needed to get another one of mine touched up. Through out the years it has faded a bit and I just needed a little extra punch, so he did that as well. I kind of thought it would be best to get it all done at once, get the pain over and done with.
I am very happy with it although I am sitting here tonight in some pain - wow. Don't let people tell you it doesn't hurt. I have had them before but it's been about 6 years so I think I forgot what the pain was like. They really need to think about giving epidurals for tattoos.

I made Mike bring a long our point and shoot, just to show you my ordeal.

Yes I am in that much pain- the back is a killer. :)
"Tattoo Dave" at his best.

The finished piece. :)

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Photography By Jo said...

Wow! That does look painful!