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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have had a Facebook page for a couple of months now and I had never done anything to it- never added a picture, never updated my profile. I just couldn't find the time to enter all the info or search for friends. Well this morning I received a friend request, and then I was hooked. I always seem to be a little behind the times and honestly always thought I had my myspace page I didn't need another something like this.

So I have updated it a little bit this morning but wanted to let you all know I'm up and running on Facebook so please click and link to me, (if I haven't already found you this morning)-

Happy Facebooking!


Tammy M. said...

I tried looking you up on facebook, couldn't find ya ; )
Look me up and let's be friends.
Tammy Marcelain....

ericamay said...

i couldn't find you either! :)
search for erica short in kansas city! :)

i have some awesome ideas for you to incorporate facebook into your marketing worked SO well for me! e-mail me about it! :)

Photography By Jo said...

I couldn't find you either... hmm...

Mandy Hank said...

Hey Jo- I already requested you this morning but I just put a link on the blog- I hope that helps everyone out.