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Preferred Portrait Club

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know the economy stinks, we all know it. We are using coupons, not eating out as much, trying to save gas. We surely aren't going on vacations like we used to and not everyone has extra cash laying around to purchase family photos. I get it, and no one is willing to try and save money more than I do. I am a Coupon Nazi at the grocery store. I should really see a therapist about it.

So I've been thinking of this little plan for awhile. Why should our family memories be neglected because of a stupid economy? We still need memories to look at years down the road- right? I wanted to create a way for families, brides, moms to be, grooms, dads, children, and grandparents to still have sweet memories of life, but at a price they could afford- FREE!!! Who doesn't want free photos?

And it's easy. you just need to open your mouth. I started the Preferred Portrait Club with Mandy Hank Photography. Why not have all your friends and family pay for your photos?

Here are the details!!!

*For every client you refer that books a portrait session with us you will receive a $50.00 credit

*If you refer a client that books a wedding with us you’ll receive a $250.00 credit!!!!!

*These credits can be applied to sessions, albums, CD’s. slideshows, wedding packages, anything Mandy Hank Photography offers!
And now for the stinkn' rules :(
The Rules:
*The credits start as of April 1st, 2009 (yes I’ve been keeping track)
*The credits don’t expire (you’ll want to use them anyway, right?)
*They can’t be transferred- (if you did all the work, you should get the credit J)
*If the client cancels for any reason without rescheduling, the credit is deleted and you will be given a $15.00 credit for the referral.
*You can use the credits at anytime or save them all up for something big!!!
Doesn't sound too bad right? Even the rules are simple! So get out there and spread the word of Mandy Hank Photography so we can set up YOUR family session for FREE!!!!!
And because I hate to post without a picture, here's my little man, Hunter!!!!

1 comment:

Live.Love. Photography said...

Great idea! I give "credits" if they book a session. But not all the other ones. My mind isn't as organized! You always hear you talk about your coupon savings.....I think you should have a weekly post of the best deals and coupons you are finding! Someone told me if you go to they are giving away free dinners this month :) I love me some fried chix and biscuits.........