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The Poyner Kids

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it possible to have 4 adorable kids, all with great smiles and awesome personalities? Sure is. That is why I love shooting the Poyner Kids so much. They all are spitting images of their mom and dad and yet they all have their own personalities that make them so unique. I can't wait to see them all when they are grown. I'd love to see if they are still the same.
The day we did their session it felt like it was 145 degrees outside. It was miserable and we even did it at 9 in the morning. These poor kids were hot, we all were. But they were a bunch of troopers. We took quick shots and luckily since they are so stinkn' cute, they came out super cute!

You can check out their slideshow by clicking here





My favorite of the day-

So sweet- love this one too!


The Poyner's said...


Thank you so much for taking such great pics! It was soooo HOT I never thought they would turn out so cute. Once again you have proven to me you are the BEST!!! Thank you so much!!

The Poyner's

Leslie Styler Photography said...

the photos of these kids are great!!!
so adorable!! great job!

Leslie Styler Photography said...

Great job shooting these kids!!!
They are so adorable!!!