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Where have I been?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where has the summer gone- my goodness! It's already the middle of July. I've been lacking on the blog postings- simply because it's so stinkn' hot, I can't stand it. So we have pulled down the shades, turned up the air and tried to sit still so we don't sweat.
Reagan is starting Kindergarten in 17 days and it's all bitter sweet for me. I'm really excited for her to start Kindergarten, but on the same note, it's my last summer with her. When she went to preschool it was for a few hours just a few days a week- now Kindergarten is all day every day. I'm gonna miss her during the day and I'm sure Hunter will too. So I've been trying to do some fun stuff this summer with them.

Also I colored my hair- quite drastic from my blonde. But all blondes know you get to a point where you are sick of your color- it starts turning a nasty bland mustard color, your roots are down to your ears and it costs a million dollars to fix it every 6 weeks. So I went dark- and I mean dark. My natural dark. Have had that in a long time. Don't think my husband likes it much but he pretends too.
So I did it myself- when you used to do hair, it's pretty easy and a lot cheaper to do it yourself.

Later that day in the car my kids were asking me questions about why I had colored my hair

Reagan: "why did you color your hair?"
Me: "oh I mommy just wanted a change."
Hunter: "you have your brown one now?"
Me:"yes Hunter, my hair is brown now."
Hunter: "where is your yellow one?"

(I sense Conversations with Hunter in the horizon very soon!

I have some BIG news (no I'm not pregnant) and some announcements coming up really soon so stay put and keep checking back.
I'll be sending out my fall family portrait schedule soon so you'll want to book your session as soon as possible. Last year it filled up quickly. I should have all the dates and details posted soon!

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And now back to business....
A couple of weeks ago I did a special for Father's Day and The Graham Family took me up on it. Unfortunately we live in the hottest state in America and Father's Day just happens to be in June. So we decided to do a little fun stuff of hanging out in the house and letting the boys play and do what was most fun.


Live.Love. Photography said...

Dark like when we were in school?? Can't wait to see! I am having the urge to chop all mine off again, it is too hot! I shaved the hubs, my son, and bobbed my daughter. Just not me.....yet!

Mandy Hank said...

Yes that dark- well it's not a level 2 like I was but I'm probably a 5- that is pretty dark from being blonde. I like it, it's a nice change:)

O Grace Photography said...

Can't wait to see it! I always get freaked out when I am dark, it makes me look goth because I am so fair. within days every time I end up lightening it again. I have had to accept I just have to deal with the highlights every month...