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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today, 7 years ago I walked down the aisle to meet my future husband. I don't really remember exactly what I was thinking although I do remember I didn't take my eyes off him. He had the biggest smile on his face. I knew on our first date that I would marry Mike, there was something special about him.
We don't have a perfect marriage but it's perfect for us. We do have our moments but we do get along really well and I can't imagine sharing my life, my family or myself with any other man. He truly is my best friend.
We don't usually do a huge production to celebrate our anniversary. We usually do dinner with the kids, last year we had a picnic. Simple is us. But a few weeks ago Mike kept mentioning WrestleMania (the Superbowl of Wrestling Events) that just happened to be in Phoenix the day before our anniversary. So the good wife I am, I told him to go get tickets.
I had never been to a wrestling event and unfortunately my husband is a fan, yes he knows it's fake but he still enjoys it.
So we dropped the kids off at my parents, drove across town to sit in traffic for 1 hour and got inside just in time. We even shared a romantic dinner of 2 hot dogs, 2 cokes and some nachos for $32.00. We really did have a great time. We did a lot of people watching (yes there are some characters there) and just enjoyed being with each other. It was a great date night!!

2 tickets to WrestleMania $150.00
2 hot dogs, 2 cokes, nachos $32.00
2 shirts, 1 program $80.00
4.5 hours spent with your hubby at WrestleMania with some freaks-Priceless :)

Thank you Michael for giving me a wonderful 9 years with you and 7 wonderful years of marriage!! I love you so much!

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Tina said...

aww! congrats mandy!