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A birthday conversation with Reagan

Friday, March 26, 2010

My sweet baby girl turned 6 today. Every year I think back on that wonderful day and can't believe how many years have gone by so far. It sure was a hard few days before we had her. I was in labor for about 19 hours, pushed for 4 1/2 hours and still ending up having a C-Section. But when that little bald baby made her appearance at 8:31am, I was never the same. She really has brighten our lives and added so much to our new family.
Reagan through the years as she gets older has said some really funny things. I try to write them all the down so we don't forget. I know one day when I can read them all again they will make me giggle and help remember so many wonderful memories.
Last year on her birthday when she turned 5, she looked into the mirror and said,
"Mom, I still look like I am 4"

This year, she wanted to go to Mickey D's for lunch. She had some chicken mcnuggets and inside was a little piece of lettuce that probably got thrown in by accident.

Reagan asked, "Mom, what is this?"
I replied, "oh it's just a little piece of lettuce, probably just got thrown in your nuggets."
Reagan said, "But I didn't order a small lettuce"

I called Mike to tell him our little conversation and I swear I had tears rolling down my eyes, I could barely tell him. She makes me laugh in so many ways.

I love you Reagan and hope you have a wonderful day!!! You are my sunshine, my life, my everything! Happy Birthday Sugar!!!

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