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The Gill Family- Extended!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids are pretty funny. They hear a word, a saying or a phrase and wait til just the right time to spill it out. It may be out of context or doesn't make sense to the situation but usually you can't help but laugh. Once my kids hit the age of about 3 and a half, it became a phase of Mike and I just shaking our heads. Or if they said something that might have been really bad or with a little sass, we would do our best to our hide our smiles the best we could.
A few weeks ago, I was cooking dinner. The Hank household was the usual in the evening. There was a Yankee game on the TV that Mike was watching, the kids were playing and I was running back and forth from the kitchen to the computer editing.
I was stirring away when Hunter came in the kitchen and said
"What's for dinner Woman?"

My eyes got really big and I turned around, he had a big smile on his face and he bolted out of the kitchen. I am pretty sure Mike sent him in the kitchen with that one but the way he said it with confidence made it that much funnier!

I got to spend some time with The Gill Family (Extended) the other day. I mark extended because there were about 25 of them and about 5 or 6 different families. They are a lot like my family so I felt right at home. Lots and lots of characters all thrown in one big family pot!

You can view their slideshow by clicking here

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