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Ryan's Senior Session

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Some times when I shoot Senior Sessions I think about my kids and what they might be like when they are graduating from High School. And although right now I may think it's years away, in reality I know it's right around the corner. For now we are living in the moment and having a wonderful time with our kids still small and innocent. We don't worry about who their friends are, or if they are out late, we deal with tattling and sharing issues. And we even occasionally get thrown a curve ball and we don't know exactly what to do.

Last night on my way home, I called Mike to tell him I was on my way. They didn't answer but I kind of thought they might have been having bath time. So he called me back about 5 minutes later and told me there had been a tragedy in the home. I asked what had happened and he told me they just finished having a funeral for "Toothless" , Hunter's gold fish, he had just received about 2 weeks before. I guess Reagan had gone in to feed him and he was stuck in the filter- I know ewwww right?
But they had a little funeral and flushed Toothless down the toilet. Mike said Hunter was upset and Hunter told him that Toothless was his friend. :(
When I finally got home they both ran up to me to tell what had just happened. Hunter told me Toothless went up to "fishy heaven with all the other fishes in the toilet." It was hard not to laugh but I kept a straight face and tried to comfort him.
Of course this morning he is doing well. When they are that little they just move on. So although there might be more issues later in their lives, right now that is what we deal with and I think we are ok with that. :)

Ryan is actually graduating from Hamilton High School this year and headed to U of A. He plays baseball and keeps him mom very busy. I'm sure that will be me and Hunter years down the road. Ryan has a little sister Makayla that came along who is in 3rd grade so we popped her in a few pictures. Good luck next year Ryan!!

You can view his slideshow by clicking here

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