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Thursday, February 17, 2011

So my good friend Courtney Fries started a cute little project called 365Project. The point is to take 1 picture every day and upload it for 1 year. It's a huge big challenge for yourself to remember to take a picture and then to upload it. But I'm willing to try. The thought behind the project is for you to remember how much you love taking pictures. You are challenging yourself to think outside the box. Find things in your every day life.

When you sign up for the project you are picking some aspect of you to display. I'd like to keep my images on this personal because I feel like a lot of times I display my professional images more on my blog. This is a chance for me to show off my kids, my husband, my day to day life. What matters the most. It might be boring to some but it's just my life and I'm happy with it.

Over the years I have heard the same thing over and over... "As a photographer you must have thousands of images of your kids." I may have a lot but when you shoot professionally, on your days off, you kind of want a break from the camera so unfortunately your kids' images and events sometimes get missed. And I need to change my way about that. I signed up for this project in hopes of doing that.

I'd love any support and motivation you can send over to me to keep me going. God knows I do not need another project on my plate but this one I think is pretty important. I'll be posting my images from the project on my blog as well. This will help when my blog gets ignored :(
I may not always have a description of the images besides the day numbered but I really hope you like them! Here is my direct link to the 365Project

Here is Day 1. My house has been Sick Town USA for the last 2 and a half days. Some how I have escaped the dreaded sickness that my husband and kids have. And I'm hoping it stays that way. Moms don't have time to be sick. Here's poor Reagan who got the worst of it.

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Anonymous said...

I started a 365 project back on August 12, 2010. It has been so fun. i am excited to see your pictures!