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Day 5-Skateland

Monday, February 21, 2011

I took Reagan and Hunter to Skateland today for a birthday party. Hunter went half a lap and called it quits for the day. Reagan was determined to learn how to skate. She held on for dear life to the wall and walked herself around and around and around. She fell once when we were sitting at the tables and I helped her up. She gave me the look as if to say," Did anyone just see that?" I replied, "don't worry, no one saw." She had her back to everyone and I knew the truth but I knew she was so embarrassed. Poor little girl. Those are the moments you wish you could trade with your kids so you can take that embarrassment instead of them. Oh well. She brushed herself off and got back out there. Hunter really never was interested in it, but maybe in a few more years.

Here's a picture of Reagan taking a little break on the wall today.

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