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Brian-Class of 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So today Hunter's preschool class had a wonderful Mom's day celebration for all the moms. Our children were instructed to give us a make-over. There were stations set up all around the room. First station was to get our feet rubbed by our kids with lotion. Next station we made a bead necklace and crown for us to wear on our heads. Next we moved to the make-up. Hunter applied purple dots on my eye lids and purple blobs on my cheeks. He then opted for the darkest red lipstick he could find and smeared it all over my mouth. Not much made it to my lips. That was a hard one to look at seeing as I never wear lipstick, let alone, RED LIPSTICK!!!. Then we went to the nail station wear Hunter painted my nails. Actually he did a pretty good job, except for the blob of paint on one of the nails that took forever to dry. Last was the hair chair and Hunter decided one small pony tail in the back of my head with the rest of my hair hanging down would suit me just fine.
All of the moms were looking at each other, trying not to bust out laughing. It was so funny! The kids were so proud of their creations and this day marks a very special day in my memory! I will definitely add this to one of my favorites! :)

Thank you Hunter for making me feel so pretty today with my bright smeared lipstick :)

Brian is graduating this month and heading to Colorado on a soccer scholarship. That is very impressive. I'm sure he will have the time of his life!
Good luck Brian!!

You can view his slideshow by clicking here!

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