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Wes-Class of 2011

Monday, May 02, 2011

So as I'm typing this, I can hear in the background the news covering the death of bin Laden. It's been on for almost 24 hours now. I hear crowds gathered cheering "USA". I hear them singing the National Anthem. I usually don't get political on my blog but I have to tell you, today is such a good day!
I feel so much proud in being an American!! Maybe more today than any other day. I feel like this is a huge moral booster for our country and also to let other countries know, just how great America is!
His death might bring a retaliation on our country but I probably feel the same as most when it was something we needed to do. We had to fight back and that is what we did!
September 11, 2001 changed our whole lives, it changed that way we thought of our country, the way we thought of the world and how we viewed our lives. And I think May 1, 2011 will do the same for us. In a good way! It's a great feeling today to be an American and I am just so stinkn' proud!!!

Wes is graduating from Hamilton in a few weeks and on his way to play football in Colorado. What an exciting adventure he had in store for himself. We wish him the best of luck in school and his football career!!

You can view his slideshow by clicking here!!

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