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Frankie-Senior Session 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer is almost here!! In one way I love the summer, I love sleeping in, I love wearing flip flops, I love swimming and just hanging out. We have bbq's, go to the movies, and just hang out. On the other hand..... It's so stinkin' hot here!!! Almost unbearable some days. You either stick to being indoors or live in the pool. Even the nights are hot. It just doesn't cool off. The temperature has been creeping up here lately.
We try and get really creative to what we do in the summer so the kids can do things but not pass out from the heat. Most events if any that are outside are done at night or early morning. Even swim lessons are schedule in the am.
You start to live here long enough and you get a little used to it. It's still frustrating but you deal. Hopefully we have a few more weeks of some easy temperatures to enjoy the weather and it'll give me a few more weekends to get some shoots in before the temps rise.
I shot Frankie's senior session on a beautiful day last weekend. The wind was blowing a bit but we made it work. She's super cute and ready to start her new life next year at college.

You can view here slideshow by clicking here!!

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