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Baby Lexi

Monday, August 01, 2011

My kids started school last week. We are finally back in the swing of things and I'm so excited to get back on our schedules. I love crossing off my to-do list and sticking to timing of the days appointments. Plus the kids were getting a little bored at home. Luckily we have year round school so my kids are off for about 6-7 weeks. It gives us just enough time to hang out, sleep in a little bit and then we are right back at school when they start getting bored.
They did great their first week. Reagan is a pro at this now but for Hunter, it was his first year. He did great, no tears for either of us. He was a little tired last week. I'm sure it's a lot to go through and very overwhelming.

I love having my days free of Spongebob on the TV but really look forward to picking them up after school. It's a great feeling to see them after a little day break :)

Now this little pumpkin, Lexi is about 3 months old and has quite a ways to go before her parents drop her off at Kindergarten. But she is absolutely adorable and just the cutest little thing! She wasn't very happy with me a couple of times during the shoot but it just made her that much cuter. And check out her adorable hair. I'm so jealous my kids had nothing but bald heads!

You can check out her slideshow by clicking here

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