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2012 Mother's Day Portrait Special

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So I say this all the time, my husband sucks at taking pictures.  He just doesn't think about picking up the camera to take pictures which always means that lil' ole' me has no pictures. I am always left out of our vacation pictures.  Drives me nuts.  But I get it, poor Mike is probably a little overwhelmed at handling one of my cameras.  So when we do have our pictures taken I really do make it a point to have my picture taken with the kids.  And I cherish those pictures so much.  So I am giving all you moms in the same boat a nice little gift to ask for this Mother's Day.  And if by chance you are a husband thinking this would be a perfect gift to get your much deserving wife then just do it.  She won't be expecting this and she'll love you forever for it!! :)

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